Got Adventure? It's Thursday March 21, 2019
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What People are Saying!

…Who knew that such fantastic places are so close to home.  The multitudes of views from high above the Hudson were spectacular.  I could have stayed up there all day…” ~ Paul K

…I was a little nervous at first, not sure why.  But within minutes of hitting the water, I was having so much fun that I couldn’t remember why I was afraid to begin with.  I was lovin’ it!  I became ‘one with my kayak’ .. yeah baby!” ~ Beth C

…You can’t beat it.  After an awesome bike, to end the day with a stop at the wineries was the icing on the cake.  A perfect combination!” ~ Zach A

…A fantastic day!  Thanks again for setting us up.  It was a real treat to hang with such a friendly group…” ~ Chris N

…Glad I finally got enough courage to give climbing a try.  The instruction was great and easy to get the hang of even for a greenhorn.  I wish I would have done this years ago…” ~ Jodi P

…It was so great to just hop in and go without having to worry about planning or anything.  You really know how to put together a great trip…” ~ Jill L

…There’s nothing better than a refreshing waterfall ‘shower’ to cool you off on a hot summer’s day.  That waterfall tour in Minnewaska was awesome!...” ~ Brett T

…A rocking day of adventure!  If we could only quit our jobs and do this everyday!!!...” ~ Azure A

…What a great time I had.  Even with the not-so-great weather, it added to the mystique of the hike especially along the ridge line.  I’ll definitely be coming to the next epic trip…” ~ Sam R

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