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About Outdoor Connections

The genesis of Outdoor Connections began years ago.  A small group of friends would go out for the day and hike, or bike, or paddle, or ski, or whatever.  It typically consisted of going somewhere new and unexplored by the group.  Perhaps somewhere off the beaten path.  The usual requirements included a healthy physical challenge, a heap of stamina and energy, and a bit of navigational prowess. 

The payoff was big!  We were constantly rewarded with some kind of memorable experience to take home with us at the end of the day – a fantastic view, a gnarly rock scramble to a mountain top, a picturesque lake or cove, some sweet single-track or whitewater, an old forgotten ruin miles from any road, etc. 

As we retold our tales over happy hour drinks or Sunday football games, the word began to spread and more friends seemed interested in joining us.  It became routine to have a dozen or more gear-up for some of our later excursions…. and so began the idea that if more people knew what we did every weekend, the more that would want to come along.  In 2009, we created our current website and began offering a list of scheduled trips open to the general public, so now everyone and anyone can get to experience these uniquely special and memorable places.

Our Outdoor Adventure Team

The Outdoor Connections team is composed of a small group of dedicated and experience outdoor enthusiasts.  We are fully insured, professional NYS licensed guides with American Red Cross certifications in CPR, First Aid, and Water Safety.  We have come together from all walks of life, from assorted backgrounds and various occupations.  We share a common appreciation for getting outside, for trying new things, seeing new places, and making new friends.

Jim Kerlin - Founder and Lead Guide

About Outdoor Connections // Jim Kerlin // Owner Jim’s love for the outdoors began at an early age.  It could be attributed to the family weekend camping trips to the Delaware River, the seasonal ski trips to the great Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, or the summer vacations in Maine…. whatever it was, the seed was planted early on. 

By his late teens and early twenties, Jim expanded his resume to include more epic outdoor adventures…. backpacking the Appalachian trail; skiing the open bowls of Jackson Hole, Wyoming; multi-day canoe trips along the Delaware and the renowned Adirondack canoe routes; ripping up the single-track and tackling the whitewater in places like Moab, Utah and Durango, Colorado; traversing the Presidential Range in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

On the competitive sports side, Jim has been a sponsored mountain bike racer and multi-sport adventure racer.  He has raced in 24 hour mountain bike races from Utah to West Virginia.  He is currently on the advisory committee for the New York Adventure Racing Association (NYARA) as well as the captain of their adventure racing team.  He led his team in the inaugural Untamed New England adventure race – a 3 day and 200+ mile non-stop race that included backcountry navigation, mountain biking, trekking, canoeing, kayaking and rock climbing…. and loved every exhausting minute of it!  Needless to say, he is no stranger to the map and compass. 

Jim is also a member of the Catskill 3500 club – a group dedicated to hiking the highest peaks in the Catskills – and the Hudson Valley Orienteering club, to name a few.  He is a volunteer trip leader with the 35’ers leading all day bushwhack treks to some of the more remote peaks.  Jim is also a race director and course setter for ultra multi-sport events in the region.

Jim is a professional NYS licensed guide with American Red Cross certifications in CPR, First Aid and Water Safety.  It is Jim’s vision to create a first class outdoor adventure tour company…. Outdoor Connections is this vision and his passion.

Noah Kleiner - Guide

About Outdoor Connections //  Noah is a passionate outdoors professional. Prior to moving to New York, Noah was working for a wilderness therapy program that divided his time equally between working with troubled teens in the outdoors and playing in the White Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire. Noah grew up on the coast of Maine where he spent his days skiing, climbing, canoeing, hiking and camping. His life has taken him on many adventures from building his own canoe to living in an off the grid house. His interest in working and playing in the outdoors was imbedded in his soul by his parents who began taking him on canoe trips at the age of six months old. Since then it has been a non-stop adventure.

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