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Our Trip Ratings

Along with an overall rating (easy, moderate, intermediate, or strenuous), we list details such as duration of trip, mileage, terrain type and elevation changes on the details page for each trip.  Almost all our trips are do-able for the average, moderately active person unless otherwise noted.


Just like the Geico commercial, “so easy even a caveman can do it” would describe this trip rating.  These trips are for anyone and everyone and no experience or fitness level is needed.  Flatwater ‘fun’ rafting or tubing and other non-active activities would be classified under this trip rating.


Most of our trips fall under this trip rating or the Intermediate rating.  These trips do not require any previous experience or skill but do require some level of fitness and physical ability.  If you are generally in good health and follow a moderately active life-style then you are good to go for trips of this rating.  Whitewater excursions, most paddling activities, and your average rolling/hilly hikes would be classified under this trip rating.


Most of our trips fall under this trip rating or the Moderate rating.  These trips may require a small amount of experience or skill in the particular activity and/or require a slightly higher level of fitness and physical ability.  If you are involved in a somewhat routine exercise program or sporting activity then you should have no problems with trips of this rating.  Rock climbing (especially with ascending), the more robust hikes, mountain biking, and snowshoeing would be classified under the trip rating.


Only a few of our trips would have this trip rating.  These trips would be longer in duration and would require a higher level of experience and skill in the particular activity.  These trips would require a strong fitness level and a fair amount of physical ability and endurance.  Rock scramble hikes, ‘peak bagging’ hikes, backpacking, multi-day trips and full day ‘epics’ would be classified under this rating.

If you are unsure about your ability to participate in a trip of a certain rating, you can certainly ask us for more information

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